Springing back into blogging

Floral pants suitable for the springtime and my cool tote bag courtesy of my new job

Floral pants suitable for the springtime and my cool tote bag courtesy of my new job

Well, well, well. Spring is finally here and so is my return to blogging!


I used to have 2 blogs back in my college days and spent 2010-2014 actively sharing my thoughts on Just Nes (media, politics, international affairs, religion, and global development) and Young and Writerly (all things creative writing and literature.)

Blogging was all the rage back then. It was what cemented your identity, your voice, your brand. Your ability to entrance people to return to your website day after day after day to read your latest thoughts and ideas—it was gold. I tried so hard to be consistent and interesting in my blogging but it was a challenge to balance with school, internships, and the general distractions of life. It was hard maintaining two blogs. It often felt like a split identity for awhile, so eventually I shifted to just using mostly one. I didn’t find myself necessarily the most captivating or intelligent blogger to stand out among the thousands and thousands of others out there. My content wasn’t super original all the time, but I did my best to look for angles and ideas that weren’t brought up in mainstream media.

But looking back, I did enjoy the opportunity to write about things I was passionate about. It still thrills me to this day to see my words published (followed by rapid anxiety.) Working in audience engagement for the last two years and before that, marketing and communications, has allowed to be around stories, but moved me away from getting to tell them as often. I also want to get back into a habit of writing longer pieces, especially that now so many of us are writing such brief statements and thoughts on social media. Blogging forced me to articulate fuller ideas and gave me space to contemplate so much about the world without all the extra noise. I think it’s time to return to that habit, ideally on a weekly basis but more practically once a month, just to keep myself fresh and let you know there’s more to me than what you see on my social feeds.

What will my blog be about?

I’m a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary thinker, writer, and creator, therefore this blog will represent the myriad of issues I’m drawn to. But on a more general level, I’ll be picking one or two things that stood out to me that week that I’d like to talk about. I’ll also share what I’m currently reading, listening to, and following that I want you to know about to help you live your best life or that’s just worth your time.

I’m excited to get started. This website has been a little too sterile and unloved. Hopefully, this new blog will change that!